International Asexuality Day (IAD)


世界アセクシャルの日 (IAD)


For Asexual Persons and “Maybe” Asexual Persons

We hold the events such as Asexual Persons get to know other Asexual Persons, communicate each other, and enjoy. Through those events, we hope that Asexual Persons and “Maybe” Asexual Persons get hints for finding themselves as Asexual, accepting themselves positively, and banding together.

For People Interested or not-interested in Asexuality

We open the website of IAD in Japan and consider announcing basic information and latest trend of asexuality, publishing literary works or arts regarding asexuality on the website, and holding some lectures or panel discussions by Asexual Persons. (details are under consideration).

Through those events, we make more people aware of and interested in asexuality, and carry out educational activities for diverse lifestyles.


世界アセクシャルの日 日本実行委員会 (International Asexuality Day Japan Executive Committee)

法人にじいろ学校 (NPO)