International Asexuality Day (IAD)


Día Internacional de la Asexualidad (DIA)


We are an intersectional organisation of people in the asexual spectrum. Our objective is to raise awareness of our sexual orientation.

We want the IAD to defend, both at a national and international level, our human rights as people with diverse orientations, and condemn the unequal treatment present all around the world.

We also want this day to send a positive message of hope, because happiness can be found in the asexual spectrum, whether you are sex-favorable, indifferent or repulsed, and despite the difficulties we face.

We want to celebrate all the positive things our orientation and community have, and we want to promote the diversity of which we are part of, because without asexuality there’s no diversity, and without diversity there’s no pride.


Asexual Community España (ACEs)