International Asexuality Day (IAD)


Dia Internacional da Assexualidade (DIA)


Specifically for us, Brazilian aces, having an International Asexuality Day is important. We all know how much work we still have when discussing asexuality in Brazil. We are a community that lives with the lack: lack of information, lack of visibility in media, lack of acceptance, lack of respect …
However, despite all this lack, we never and can’t let union lack too.

Our focus on that day must be, throughout union as a community, in three fronts:

  1. Education: Contact news and major LGBTQIA+ organizations in order to spread information and awareness about asexuality and create more visibility about IAD
  2. Solidarity: Work within the community to bring more visibility to stories and diversity from or community fostering the sentiment of community and fellowship
  3. Visibility: Use the IAD as a mean of spreading asexual’s voices, celebrating our life experiences, our existence and our diversity.

We are counting on that global union to amplify even more our voices and demands during the International Asexuality Day!



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